The Lady and the Rogue -- Ruth A. Casie
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Forever Equals -- Ruth A. Casie

Forever Equals – Timeless Scribes – June 16, 3030

He will protect her with his last breath. She will fight for the only man she’s ever wanted. Him.

England 1285
Lady Morgana Stelton is handier with a sword than an embroidery needle. With seven brothers and a twin sister, feisty Morgana stands on her own. The man she loves goes off to war for his king abandoning her. She refuses every man her father and brothers present, but with her father’s estate on the English side of the Scottish border, a political marriage is proposed by Lord Westervelt’s son who has no love for the Scots.

Grayson MacDonald is a longtime friend of the Steltons. He holds his friendships close, his love for Morgana dear, and duty to his king sacred. Hours before he’s to ask for Morgana’s hand, he is summoned into battle. Gray fights hard and earns the reputation of a fierce highland warrior. Three years after he is severely wounded, Gray returns as an emissary for his king to the English court.

Westervelt and his followers snub Gray and start rumors questioning the Stelton’s loyalty to the crown. According to Westervelt, the only way to protect her family is for Morgana to marry him. Morgana overhears Westervelt arrange to kill Gray. With no time to seek help, she will fight for the only man she’s ever wanted. Gray arrives to find Morgana facing Westervelt with her sword in hand and stands by her side. Together they will fight for each other to their last breath.