The Lady and the Rogue -- Ruth A. Casie
The Lyon's Gambit

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Christmas in Havenport-- Ruth A. Casie

Happily Ever After

From a fall from literary stardom to becoming the heroine in her own romance story, Beth Holmes has turned around her career and her love life. She owes it all to one very special person.

Jarred Watson has loved Beth since he read her first novel and suspected the heroine was the embodiment of the author. But the road to romance was fraught with pitfalls. He almost lost everything because of a conniving agent and a little white lie that got out of hand. At the eleventh hour, with honesty and hard work, their book sales are off the charts and a movie deal is in negotiations.

Interfering families, changed plans and missed deadlines take their toll. Will they go their separate ways or will Holmes and Watson continue their literary collaboration and personal partnership in order to find their own happily ever after?

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NN Light – My favorite character is Beth Holmes. Beth is a best-selling author who’s still reeling from a horrible review and the last place she wants to be is at a book signing with her nemesis. I loved her sense of humor, her honesty and her toe-curling kisses with her sexy rescuer. I laughed, I swooned, it was irresistible.

Steamy Romantic Comedy: The author creates a steamy romantic comedy about two writers coming together both in their personal life as well as collaborating together to create fresh story lines. She weaves the story from the first meeting at a book signing and with the help of supporting characters leads you through to the end not knowing what either one could expect to happen along the way.She does a good job describing the characters and events to hold your interest to the end with leading to a happily ever after.I enjoyed this book and would recommend reading it....