Knight of Rapture -- Ruth A. Casie

Legends of Havenport

You can’t always trust the ones you love.

Ryan Livingston thinks she has the perfect career as an attorney and campaign manager for her brother, Peter Livingston, the up-and-coming Senate candidate. But when an ex-con is murdered and gives a deathbed accounting of secret incriminating evidence, she teams up with longtime boyfriend Police Chief Jim Kanter, determined to find the documents and the truth behind them.

Jim Kanter has a good life. He’s respected for his unwavering integrity and fierce devotion to his job. Ex-military, he’s haunted by his failure to save his team from an Iraqi sniper.

Their investigation leads them to a well-entrenched drug ring, forgers, blackmailers, and a bombshell, a betrayer targeting them both. In this game of betrayer and betrayed, Ryan is the killers’ next target. But Jim is determined to not let any of that happen.

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