The Lady and the Rogue -- Ruth A. Casie
The Lady and the Rogue

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Once Upon A Haunted Castle -- Ruth A. Casie

The Maxwell Ghost featured in Once Upon a Haunted Castle – Knight Media – September 27, 2016

Caerlaverock Castle, on the Scottish border is in an uproar. Traitors, deceit, murder and ghosts run riot. The food stores have been tainted and the granaries set ablaze. Rumors fly when servants Evan and his bride-to-be Angel are found murdered and Evan the culprit. They believe that in the heat of an argument he killed Angel, his bride-to-be when she threatened to expose him. Distraught over killing her, he took his own life. Now his ghost haunts the castle. A young cook, Sonia is sure everyone has it wrong and the ghost’s haunting is to seek justice. She will move heaven and earth to get to the truth, but she is helpless.

Laura Reynolds travels from England to her cousin, The Maxwell’s castle to put Evan’s ghost to rest. The Maxwell, while he loves his cousin, doesn’t believe in her sorceress ways. With the unsettled times, he cannot send her back to England right away, rather he lets her pursue her investigation.

Jamie Maxwell Collins has finished his service to The Maxwell and eager for his promised farm. While longtime friends with Laura, he has little patience for her hocus pocus, but in order to get his farm he must help her. They have one week to complete the task or Evan’s ghost is doomed to haunt the castle forever. Will Sonia’s information tip the scales and help them find justice for Evan and Angel? With Sonia’s insight, will Laura and Jamie see that the depths of their relationship goes way beyond friendship or are they doomed to deny it forever?

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