The Lady and her Quill -- Ruth A. Casie
The Lady and her Quill

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The Lady and the Spy -- Ruth A. Casie

The Lady and the Spy – Dragonblade Publishing – 2022

Lady Patricia Edgemont has always done what was expected of her by both her aristocratic parents and friends. Look where that got her. Her husband killed by his mistresses’ husband and prospective husband number two is quickly becoming a bad memory. She’s through with men.

Nikolai Baranov doesn’t care what happens to himself—revenge for his family is all that matters.

When a freak storm blankets the area, Patricia’s the only one who can help the mysterious wounded Russian she finds in her hunting lodge. Sparks reignite when they realize they’d met years ago. Nikolai’s more than willing to put his vendetta aside, until Patrice becomes the target of the Russian thugs that have infiltrated Sommer-by-the-Sea’s coast. He’d die to keep her safe.

Release Date – February 2022