The Lady and the Earl -- Ruth A. Casie
The Lady and the Earl

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The Red Sippers -- Ruth A. Casie

The Red Slippers – Timeless Scribes Publishing – November 30, 2022

It will take magic for Cosette to believe in her abilities or
is Avery the only one who can conjure the spell?

Cosette Binet has been in the service to Queen Marie of France, since she was a young girl. She watched private ballet performances for the queen and was fascinated by the great Marie Camargo’s footwork and high leaps. Cosette studied to become a ballerina and earned a rare opportunity to audition for the Paris Opera Ballet’s corps de ballet where she met and found her soul mate, Avery, the ballet director. Her first performance brought the audience to their feet, but when she was chosen for a principal part in another ballet, a fellow dancer had her doubting her ability and Avery’s devotion.

While searching for additional dancers for the corps de ballet, ballet master, Avery Parsons DuBois, watched Cosette dance and was captivated when she performed a grand jetè that soared further and higher than anyone he has ever seen. Mesmerized, he was drawn to the dancer and fell in love with her. He offered her a position in the ballet, but when she began to doubt her ability and his love for her, he had to do something. He gave her red slippers and told her they were Marie Camargo’s dance shoes... filled with magic.

Did the red slippers hold the magic that made her a great ballerina or was it Avery’s love?

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