The Lady and the Rogue -- Ruth A. Casie
The Lady and the Rogue

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Timeless Vows -- Ruth A. Casie

Timeless Vows – Five Tales of Love -- Timeless Scribes Publishing -- May, 2015

Introduction ~ Jennifer Probst
A weekend wedding has five couples thinking about the meaning of wedded bliss. Old vows are renewed and new ones made at The Loon Lake Inn nestled in the remote mountains of Maine. 

Ruth A. Casie ~ Forsaking All Others
No commitment. That's what they've both always wanted. Or do they? After ten years, they're not so certain. Will a small deception push them toward that next step or pull them apart?

Lita Harris ~ Till Death Do Us Part
When a married couple's path changes direction, the familiar fades to a memory and new surroundings cause them to question their future. Will they continue along their separate ways or can they find their way home—together?

Emma Kaye ~ To Have and To Hold
When tragedy threatens to tear a couple apart, will a trip back in time to their wedding day save their relationship or end their marriage before it even begins?

Nicole S. Patrick ~ From This Day Forward
A weekend spent incognito at a friend's wedding should be enough time to get a musician back on track after her career hits a low note. But when a college crush sends her senses reeling, will this Grammy award winner change her tune about the future?

Julie Rowe ~ Love and Honor
College sweethearts thought they’d be together forever, but a naked girl in the shower ended their relationship a lifetime too soon. When a friend’s wedding gives them a chance to make things right, will they find their way to a happily ever after, or will old wounds refuse to die?

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Such a great fast paced read.This novel was written by 5 different authors about 5 different couples in one town, in one year, all at the same time. This was such a great read that really made my day. Although each couples story was short I didn't feel like I was missing out, these were some great short stories. These 5 romances managed to encompass almost all romance sub genres, suspense, firefighter, paranormal, the "grouch" and an overall happy ending. I fell for all of the characters but I have to say the last one was my favorite. I would definitely recommend these stories to anyone who is feeling a little blue about the holiday, needs to believe in good people, or wants their thoughts about love to be rekindled. 
P.S. the last story has some sex. -- Stephanie