The Pirate's Jewel -- Ruth A. Casie
The Pirate's Jewel

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Welcome to Havenport -- Ruth A. Casie

The Game’s A’Foot featured in Welcome to Havenport – Timeless Scribes Publishing – June 1, 2016

Former best-selling romantic comedy author Beth Alexander is reinventing herself, using her real name, Beth Holmes, changing genres, and collaborating with bestselling adventure author JD Watson. Since their first meeting last Christmas, Jarred (JD) has made her heart race. Plagued with self-doubts caused by her nosedive off the best-seller list, Beth fears she’s unable to craft a heroine worthy of Jarred’s hero. Will their collaboration be a liability to his skyrocketing career? Their relationship?

Jarred Watson is in love with Beth no matter which last name she uses, and had been long before they’d met. Since reading her first novel, he suspected the heroine was based on the flesh-and-blood author. Those qualities made him fall in love with both the fictitious and very real woman. After meeting her last Christmas he confirmed he had it right. But Beth’s recent lackluster success leaves her doubting her writing ability. How can he convince the woman he loves she’s as great as ever and the vital piece needed to make their collaboration a success?

The plot thickens…

Determined to up her writing game, Beth records a core plot idea for their new collaborative effort while at a local pastry shop in Havenport. Unbeknownst to her she actually intercepts a conversation about a real drug deal. Can she and Jarred use the deductive reasoning of their namesakes and figure out the whodunit? Bullets fly when Beth’s abducted—and Jarred is the only one who can save her. At the standoff will it be the hero or the heroine who sacrifices everything to save the other?

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The Game’s Afoot – Beth and Jarred are back in Havenport, only it’s far more dangerous than either of them realizes. They made the decision to collaborate last Christmas but it’s more difficult than they thought. Every time Jarred sends her notes, Beth cringes with self-doubt. She needs to confess her feelings to him before it pulls them apart. But that’s the least of their issues when Beth accidentally stumbles upon a criminal plot in the least-likely place. Can Jarred protect her or will he be too late? A beautifully written romantic suspense by Casie and it only made me love this couple more. Casie kicks up the adrenaline at just the right spots and has a talent for romantic suspense. Well done!
---NN Light Amazon Review